Complex litigation strategies, intellectual property and IT, protection of brands and technologies, investment projects and construction.
Intellectual property
Trademarks, patenting, agreements in the field of intellectual property and IT, protection of intellectual rights
and real estate
Support of design and construction, support of participation in procurement procedures, support of contract execution
Corporate law and M&A
Risk verification, support of transactions and creation of joint businesses, corporate restructuring, resolution of corporate conflicts
Bankruptcy is a business project that requires defining clear goals and developing a step-by-step action plan.
Formation of comprehensive litigation strategies, representation in arbitration and courts of general jurisdiction
Investment projects and Public-Private Partnerships
Investment project with state participation, private investment project
Business relocation, foreign incorporation
Selection of jurisdiction for relocation, support of relocation to key jurisdictions, incorporation and opening of bank accounts
The financial analysis
and modeling
Evaluation and financial structuring of investment projects, strategic and business planning, marketing research
Personal Information